Staying ahead of the game through clinical research is a growing part of my practice. We are able to use the latest treatments for you before they are available. In some cases, we are part of a select group of surgeons around the world applying these new ideas to you. My life’s work reaches its pinnacle when I can apply a new treatment successfully that will help thousands one day.

We are constantly reviewing studies to consider and currently have a select group of clinical trials for which we are enrolling patients. Please contact my research office at 619-456-6012, subscribe to my research newsletter, fill out my confidential contact form below, and review the projects listed here to learn more about all we have going on.

SUN Trial

NeoCart Trial

Hymovis Trial

Novartis Trial

NovoCart 3D Trial

Regentis Gelrin-C SAGE Trial

Please contact our research coordinator at 619-456-6012 or to learn more or complete the CONFIDENTIAL form below:

I am interested in an Orthopedic Clinical trial

  • The following information is not required, but will help us find the best study for you, or keep you informed if something comes up that fits for you. All information is kept strictly confidential. Complete as much or as little as you feel comfortable. Below is a file upload option if you would like to send us images like an xray. Remember, we are not able to give medical advice directly without seeing you as a patient.