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Just a big thank you for my new knees.
They carried me around Africa for a month and allowed me to walk with the elephants.
My knees were pain free but it was hard to stay in step with them!
Slow steps they take but travel a great distance with each step.

I will send a picture of this wonderful experience.

Thanks again, Nance H.
July 11, 2016

Nance H.

Dr Hacker just recently completed a second procedure on me – this time a knee arthroscopy. Dr Scott Hacker is a superb clinician, which goes without saying, but what actually makes him a good doctor – is a combination of skill sets that he brings to the treatment of his patients. Remembering that the term “doctor” means teacher – he tries to educate, explain, provide understanding & assurance, which combined with his extraordinary friendly disposition, allows his patients to trust him personally; and to accept his recommendations for care. He is unusual from many surgical Specialists, in that Dr Hacker is willing to put himself in the position of the patient, and express what he would do or want by way if surgery – if he were in the place of the patient. This is vital, in my opinion, for making the best treatment decisions.
I have been a healthcare administrator for over 45 years, and literally know, & have worked with, hundreds of physicians, with the vast preponderance being surgeons. In my opinion, Dr Scott Hacker is among the very best. Personally, I will see no other Orthopaedic Specialist.

Robert B.

Had a great day on the slopes and the partial knees were awesome!!!!! …..thanks…David


David W.

“Dr Hacker is the best Dr. I have ever seen. He is caring, genuine and technically brilliant. Who would’ve thought that these types of Drs still existed? I cannot speak more highly of him. The consummate, caring , beyond incredible Dr.  He came highly recommended from a friend and I cannot be more thankful for having talked to him about my very complex situation. A one off. Be very VERY thankful if you have him as your Dr. He is one n a MILLION.”


Dr. Hacker was a great doctor. I ended up doing something to my knee in August at my sons first birthday party and I had an MRI that showed nothing. I saw a different doctor in his office and recommended to see Dr. Hacker. After going to Dr. Hacker he did not want to do surgery at first so he had me start with physical therapy after that did not seem to be helping he said lets do an arthroscopic for a possible meniscus tear surgery which help amazingly well! It was like I had a brand new knee. After the surgery my swelling went down and the bruising magically disappeared. I resumed physical therapy for another 3 months and my therapist said whatever Dr. Hacker did was incredible. I would recommend Dr. Hacker to anyone looking for a great doctor and very skeptical of wanting to go to someone without knowing something.

Heather P

I just saw Dr. Hacker for my one year post-op from my fifth knee surgery. I hadn’t gone this long without being operated on since my initial injury in 2012, so this was a pretty big deal!

In an attempt to find treatment for my complex knee problems, I’d seen many, many surgeons- not only in San Diego, but also throughout northern CA and Massachusetts. While they had told me there was nothing left to be done, Dr. Hacker truly took the time to think of ideas right from the start. Although the process has been long and difficult, he has been nothing but honest, supportive, and compassionate. The surgery I had with him was by far the smoothest surgery I’ve yet to have, and the difference in my knee now is proof of his excellent care!

December 21, 2014

Rebecca C.
Vince H Testimonial

During my 20+ years of government service I had managed to blow out both my Anterior Cruciate Ligaments (ACL’s) on each knee on two separate occations.  Both had been repaired, however they were never the same.  Fast forward to several years, not ever slowing down, I was dianosed with arthritis and knee pain became a part of my life.  Some days worst than others.  After years of living with the pain I had finally got fed up and I talked with my doctor who then referred me to Dr. Scott Hacker.  After a brief discussion with Dr. Hacker, we agreed on a plan which began with left knee Arthroscopie and partial medial mensectomy debridment.  Hours, not days, after the procedure I could tell the deep pain I had been feeling was gone!  I wasn’t sure if it was the local or pain medication yet, but it felt different.  One week after the procedure I had gone to my second physical therapy visit and I had stopped taking any medication.  The pain that I had on my left knee was gone!  From beginning to the end of this procedure Dr. Hacker and his awesome staff had made me feel comfortable and confident that I was going to be taken care of.  I’m looking forward to the next phase (right knee) getting repaired and I highly recommend anyone needing a similar procedure to consider Dr. Hacker and his staff as you move forward towards your recovery.

Vincent J. H., SBPA

SDC/Special Operations Detachment/BORSTAR

Vincent H.

Dr. Hacker was referred to us after my son broke his leg playing high-level club soccer in his junior year. Dr. Hacker presented the various options professionally and honestly. My son’s care went extremely well and he returned to win Player of the Year in his senior year with no complications. More recently, I crashed my bike and broke my clavicle while training for triathlons. Dr. Hacker is the most likely choice for the surgery which all 4 other doctors I’ve seen recommended. His professional expertise and patience in explaining the details has greatly eased my concern and given me confidence in another successful treatement plan.


I’ve been seeing Dr. Hacker on and off since I was 13, I’m now 22. He as done 4 of my 6 knee surgeries and assisted 1. I’ve had great results after every surgery. He always answers all my questions and has never rushed though an appointment. After going to another surgeon for a knee surgery due to a new insurance, I will never go with anyone else but him!

Best Dr. I've ever had

Wow. I have never met such a caring and compassionate physician. He invested himself into my concerns, never rushed my appointments, and has me back to 100%. I send him all my friends and family. I would never see another orthopedist anywhere. Dr. Hacker has my complete trust.


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