Partial knee resurfacing is an approach to repair knees with severely damaged joint surfaces on the spectrum of arthritis. Partial joint resurfacing involves capping the ends of the bones that are worn away to provide a new bearing surface and eliminate pain. Unlike a complete knee replacement, this procedure only replaces the worn cartilage to take away pain.

Makoplasty partial joint replacement

Actual X-ray of a mako partial joint resurfacing patient

I perform this procedure using a highly advanced computer-guided robotic knee surgery system. This method, designed and engineered by Mako, has been called a ‘makoplasty’. The procedure utilizes a specialized scan of your knee that allows us to completely plan and customize the procedure for you. Rather than making bone cuts by hand, a computer-guided robotic-assisted surgical technique creates a perfectly machined bone surface.

The result is a faster recovery with less pain and better function. This may be an option for you. It is best if we can review your x-rays together and decide if this is your solution.

You can learn more about the computer-guided robot at

Watch the video below to learn what real patients are saying about robotic knee replacement and resurfacing surgery:

These procedures are performed on Coronado Island in San Diego. Patients almost always go home the next day. The San Diego International Airport is 10 minutes from Coronado with easy accommodations for family members at several resorts including the Hotel Del Coronado, and the Coronado Marriot (across the street from the Hospital).

I am always happy to review X-rays and MRI scans to determine if this may help you get your life back. Please contact me through my website or through my office at 619-354-7060.

Dr. Scott Hacker is a Sports Medicine Orthopedic Surgeon in San Diego, CA, and Team Surgeon to the US Olympic Team. He specializes in sports medicine and sports injuries, knee and shoulder surgery.

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