Regenerative orthopedics

Regenerative orthopedics is an ever changing approach to improve lives by specifically directing your body to heal itself. As these techniques evolve, the need for surgery will go down and the regenerative power of your own body will be better understood. This field is ever changing as a solid foundation is developed through ongoing research.

Platelet Rich Plasma

The platelet rich component of your blood is filled with messengers that direct healing after injury. Current research has shown benefit to several orthopedic conditions such as achilles tendinitis and tennis elbow. The treatment involves a simple blood draw in the office. The blood is then separated and injected at the site of pain. Sometimes multiple treatments are needed.

Platelet Rich Plasma – PRP
Platelet rich plasma for plantar fasciitis

Fat Derived Stem Cell Therapy

While platelet rich plasma treatments are designed to signal your body to heal, stem cells ARE the healing cells themselves. By targeting specific locations with stem cells, we hope to show that conditions can be reversed. As a member of the Stem Cell Treatment Center in San Diego, Dr. Hacker participates in research and treats patients using stem cells derived from adipose, or fat, tissue. Done in conjunction with a Board Certified plastic surgeon, cells are harvested under a local anestheic, processed, and then injected where needed.

Stem Cells: State of the Art in Orthopedics
Can Stem Cells Cure Osteoarthrits ?