Day of Surgery

You have taking a big step today–your surgery is over, and you are on her way to recovery. The best thing to do today is to relax. You may take off your knee brace, and begin working on some gentle movement of your knee, trying to straighten it out, and bend it up. Either ibuprofen or Aleve should be used today and for the next 10-14 days to help reduce swelling, inflammation and pain. You should also have a prescription for a pain medication. Use this as necessary in addition to the ibuprofen/Aleve.

Your knee brace is important to prevent additional injury to her knee. Keep this on whenever you are up and around or sleeping.

Unfortunately, it is common to feel drowsy and often nauseated following a general anesthetic. Don’t worry. This typically wears off within 24-48 hours out after the surgical procedure.

Second day out after surgery

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Hopefully you are feeling better today following your general anesthetic. You may have a bit more knee soreness today. All of the dressings over top of the knee may be changed today. This should include removal of the Ace wrap, the fluffy cotton wrap around her knee and the nonstick dressings placed directly over the Steri-Strips. Leave the tape strips attached directly to her skin over the wounds. These are helping to hold the skin tightly together as it heals. These should not be removed for any reason until seen in my office. Continue to work on gentle range of motion/flexibility of her knee at this point. The first physical therapy appointment is typically within these first few days following the surgery.

Physical Therapy

Typically, physical therapy starts within the first few days following surgery. This will be an extremely important component to complete recovery following ACL surgery. Specific instructions should be provided to the physical therapist from my office directing exactly what should be done. Typical goals involve reducing pain and inflammation while slowly increasing range of motion over the several weeks. I will be happy to speak with her physical therapist directly by phone should there be any questions or concerns of any kind.

When to call

The best time to contact me or my office is right away! while I have dealt with this procedure many times, this is your first and hopefully only. I want myself and my staff to be available for any questions you may have. Don’t hesitate to contact my office if you have any questions or concerns.