I’ve been told I need a partial knee replacement (right lateral compartment). I’m wondering if you do Makoplasty procedures now on an outpatient basis?

Dear K.J.:
Thanks for the great question. In a word, ‘Yes’:)

Outpatient MakoplastyLet’s look at why partial knee replacement patients typically stay the night after surgery. By staying, we can have a team of highly trained nurses keep an eye on you for the first 24 hours. They are experts at identifying problems that may come up and attend to your every need. In many cases, a patient’s family may be nervous having you home the first day, feeling a little helpless not knowing what to do. Staying may treat the family as much as you!

Next, pain is easiest to manage in the hospital. Most patients do not know what medications are best to use after surgery and may need to try one or two before settling on the right one. Morphine or other strong IV medicine can be given quickly if needed.

Finally, learning to get out of bed and walk the first day can be a challenge. Physical therapists are available within hours after surgery to help teach you what you need to know.
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Having said this, the right patient and family will be happier at home. Pre-surgery education helps everyone understand what to expect and alleviate fears of going home. Pain medications can be provided before the surgery and can be taken quickly with a bottle at bedside rather than waiting for a nurse in a hospital to bring you something. Physical therapy can be set up to come to your house.

Overall, there is a trend for more partial, and total knee, surgery to be done as an outpatient for the right person. Ask me, or your surgeon, if this is an option for you based on risks/benefits.

Please reply below in the comments if you have more questions about outpatient partial knee and Makoplasty surgery options.

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