Dear Dr. Hacker:

I’m a fit very physically active woman of 72 in excellent health. Excellent blood pressure and all cv measures. Only dx is GERD now under control. I just severed my ACL in a beach accident. Done in by an ocean wave.
X-ray showed not only no broken bones or bone chips but also leg bones at knee in good shape: no knee replacement any time soon
Am I likely to be a good candidate for surgical repair of my ACL I would like to have as full use of my knee as practical or possible I expect to live to be 95!

Nancy E

Dear Nancy
Great question. Happy to hear you are so active. ACL reconstruction is overall a very successful surgical treatment and allows most people to return to full activity.

While there are many things to consider, The short answer is likely yes.
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Every patient is different, of many considerations I would want to think about bone density. This is important because bone tunnels must be created during the repair procedure. These must have strong solid walls to except the new tendon graft and hold it tightly in place while it heals.

Next I would look to your overall health. If your health is excellent, and you wish to remain extremely active, surgical repair is likely the best option.

Finally,I would also want to know if there is any underline osteoarthritis to consider. A simple Xray would help. Other options to think about if present. All things I would assess during an office visit. It would be a pleasure to meet you !! My favorite patients are those who are extremely motivated for success. This sure sounds like you! All the best.

Dr. Scott Hacker
San Diego, California