Active LifestyleGreat success has been achieved using lubricant injections in avoiding or delaying the need for joint replacement surgery. Image guidance has been helpful in ensuring supplement placement in the joint.  The earlier the treatment, the better the result.

What is the right treatment ?

There is no one answer to arthritis treatment and your solution answer needs to be tailored to your specific needs.  Dr. Hacker treats many patients with arthritis every day and is an expert in the breadth of treatment options available to you.

Some clinics advertise one treatment, but if it fails, have no ability to offer other options and will send you away.  Dr. Hacker treats arthritis of all levels, from minimal to severe.  We strive to use the simplest options possible when effective, and make recommendations for more advanced invasive treatments only when the nonoperative methods have failed.

With this goal of nonoperative treatment in mind, Dr. Hacker offers a selection of joint injections using image guidance when appropriate to ensure proper delivery of medication and the best chance for improvement. One of these injections is called hyaluronic acid.  Hyaluronic acid is a natural lubricant and shock absorber of your joints and may be decreased in arthritis sufferers. Research shows early viscosupplementation gets the best results.

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Correct placement of hyaluronic acid can sometimes be improved with medical imaging techniques such as X-ray and ultrasound.  As an experienced orthopedic surgeon who has given thousands of injections, Dr. Hacker can help determine if these advanced imaging techniques and injections will assist in your knees.

If you have knee arthritis pain, viscosupplementation with hyaluronic acid might be the answer you are looking for.   Dr. Hacker is happy to evaluate your knee and determine if you are a candidate.  A comprehensive history and examination as well as X-rays will give the best insight into the right choice for you.

Call Dr. Hacker’s office today and let us know you are interested in ultrasound-guided gel injections. You can reach the office at 619-462-3131.

For more information, you can Ask Dr. Hacker through this web site here.