Coaching our young developing athletes is an incredibly rewarding experience. Coaching gives us a chance to instill sportsmanship, teach valuable skills, boost confidence, and prepare for a lifetime of fun and satisfaction. This can take various forms from the parent-coach of a little league team to the full time paid coach of a travel or club organization.

In all forms, remembering to teach skills to prevent injury is essential. The rate of young women, especially, with knee and ankle injuries is much higher than their male counterparts and, for the most part, is completely avoidable. As I ask around to parents and coaches from elementary age to college, I am surprised by the lack of focus on conditioning and prevention of injury. The incidence of injury is too high and is avoidable.

First of all, coaches need to be educated about common injuries for their sport and learn how to care for them in the immediate setting. Each leader needs to be able to recognize when an injury has occurred. Have a plan in place to deal with these situations in the rare chance they do occur. There are many resources for this, including organizational websites and seminars (like the ones I do).

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Second, coaches need to recognize the proper training skills to avoid the injury in the first place. There are sport-specific training routines that will assist with this. Simple rules, like working on stretching, core strength and agility, have been proven to make a difference.

Finally, parents must stay involved. Ask your parents about your athletes to better understand where they are coming from, and about any special needs they may have. Insist on conditioning before competition that will help avoid injury.