Yesterday, a variety of potential causes of increased ACL tears in young women was discussed.potential etiologies included anatomical variations, questions of hormonal changes and differences in biomechanics that exist between men and women.  While not all of these have proven to be the case, there is little that can be done in terms of changing who we are, however, we can change how we train.

kneeligaments1The ligaments of the knee are considered secondary restraints to  unusual movement of the knee.  the primary restraint would be the muscular control of the lower extremity.  This includes muscle groups such as the quadriceps, hamstrings, calf muscles and core stabilizers.  There is definitely an ability to improve the physiology of movement. This is best done through an appropriate conditioning program.  Emphasis is placed on strengthening of the quadriceps and hamstrings through a variety of techniques.  While doing simple leg lifts or hamstring curls is helpful, emerging therapy techniques focus on “functional “training of muscle units which were closely duplicates normal life and sporting activities.  A specific exercise program should be tailored to anyone wishing to embark on such training program.  This type of training is highly recommended for young athletic women and will likely have a significant impact on her ability to avoid knee ligament injuries and specifically ACL tears. Neuromuscular conditioning specific to men or women are important.

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