I came across an article by Tim Maurer suggesting the New Year’s ‘refocus’ on priorities. While most of us would place our family and health at the top, our actions and choices may not always reflect reality.

WellnessAs a physician, I discuss the importance of these factors several times a day, yet like all of us, I agree it is the time of year to reflect and refocus my own priorities on what really matters. Remember the most precious gift you have to give is time.

Take the time to focus on your own health. Use the time you can – is it 5 minutes? 10 minutes? 30 minutes a day? and invest in yourself through stretching, cardio, weight lifting, sport-specific training. It’s not how long you do it, just that you do it.

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Take the time to focus on your family. While we often say we work for your family, our time commitments might disagree. Talk to them, learn from them, play with them, and deepen your relationships. Support them and let them support you. These people are your foundation for life and health.

With these concepts in mind, let us begin the new year and think about how we spend our time. Over the next year, I hope to bring you new ideas in fitness, youth and recreational sports improve your health and help make life more livable.