Makoplasty partial joint replacement

Actual X-ray of a mako partial joint resurfacing patient

Today the first of many makoplasty robotic joint replacement procedures was performed at Sharp Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa, California. The second robot purchased in the San Diego Area, this robotic surgical system allows surgeons to pre-plan a hip or knee procedure, and then precisely prepare the joint resurfacing. The benefits of the robotic approach is to more accurately reproduce and understand the specific anatomy of each patient and to carry out the surgery using a highly precise technique. In some ways, it allows joint replacement surgery to be performed before you even get to the operating room, as we can ‘operate’ on your knee or hip on a computer, make important decisions about the surgery, and program the ‘robot’ to trim bone exactly the way we want. The robot is a little like coloring in a coloring book with a crayon that cannot go ‘outside the lines’ always coloring it in perfectly.

Makoplasty Partial Knee Resurfacing
Robotic Surgery and Your Knee

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There is a lot you can learn about partial and total joint replacement using the Mako robotic system. I have been doing these procedures for several years in Coronado, California, and will now start performing them here in La Mesa as well. Please contact me to learn more about this, ask a question about Mako Partial or Total Joint replacement or comment below !