Time to sit back, watch it rain in San Diego, and read a few of the articles I’ve been reading this week.

Favorite Articles


Ten ways to slash sugar from your diet. We are all eating way more sugar than we may realize. This article discusses a few obvious, and not so obvious, ways to reduce your sugar intake and keep your waistline a little more trim.


What is the point of health apps when we are healthy?
Do all the health apps for our smartphones really make us healthier? Or are the people who use them already obsessed with health and going too far? Learn more in this interesting review of the use of technology in health and fitness.

Grip Strength May Predict Heart Attacks and Strokes
It just takes 30 – 45 minutes to tadalafil cialis generika supply harder erection. However, the major concern here is to prescription de viagra canada discuss about the hidden link between low libido and erectile dysfunction. Drugs used for online levitra treating the condition include: Benzodiazepines. Antidepressants can overnight delivery cialis cause neuronal damage and even death – Studies carried out on rodents have established this.
An interesting way to predict your risk – is it really your grip, or is this a good tool to assess your fitness level? Start arm wrestling ?!

Youth Sports

How to reduce injuries in cheerleaders
While published a few years ago, there is still proof that the right kind of strength and conditioning program can reduce the incidence of knee injuries in this huge group of girls and women in the United States. Groups like Cheer Force can learn from this research and incorporate it into their training.

Study examines incidence of concussion in youth, high school, college football
Concussions in the sports world is a hot topic of debate and conversation right now as requirements are changing in schools nationwide requiring a medical exam to return to sport. The incidence is higher than we may think.