Stay Home San Diego, Talk to Dr. Hacker and have a Virtual Orthopedic Office Visit !

New PatientsStaying home is the key to avoiding COVID-19, but I don’t want that to limit your access to care.  If you would prefer, you are welcome to set up a virtual appointment with Dr. Hacker.  It’s simple !  Most follow up visits can be completed this way.  For new patients, please contact Dr. Hacker directly at to find out more.  In many cases, we can set up the next best step for you remotely.  Patients in need of injections will still need to be seen in the office.  X-rays can be arranged at your convenience once we have the initial consultation.  You will need your smartphone or a computer with a camera on it.  No Apps to download.

For patients who may need surgical procedures, we will begin scheduling once we are permitted as the crisis winds down.  Best to be in the Queue ASAP !  Currently, all elective procedures are on hold per National guidelines to keep supplies and equipment available for hospitalized patients.

Please complete this short contact form below to set this up.   Most insurance plans accept telemedicine visits.  This includes medicare.  Learn more here.  This is not a free service and your insurance will be billed. 

With a virtual appointment, you can:

  • Meet and talk to me
  • Discuss your concerns
  • Review x-rays and MRIs if we have access
  • Talk about treatments
  • Be scheduled for physical therapy
  • Get set up for an MRI scan
  • Arrange you to come in for injections or x-rays
  • Get you ready for surgery if needed

Understand we we expect to be incredibly busy once the operating rooms in San Diego re-open for elective procedures.

Medicine is an ever changing landscape and we are ready to adjust, face these new challenges, and keep moving forward !!

Call the office to set up a virtual appointment or complete the contact form below: