Osteo Relief Institute

The Osteo Relief Institute of San Diego has recently closed its doors. I have spoken to numerous patients who had been treated there successfully with hyaluronic acid knee injections. For a number of reasons, their offices across the country have closed leaving many patients without an option for Hyalgan injections. The San Diego office has sent all their patients a letter of referral to several offices, including my own. I am happy to be named as an option for those patients who are not yet ready for knee surgery, but have found relief from simple injections. I’ve written a few things about this in the past that might be helpful:

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Gel injections for osteoarthritis

I have been performing these injections for over 20 years and have conducted my own studies on their success. I have seen success for many patients and continue to treat patients with knee pain from arthritis with these injections. There are also clinical trial options for patients interested in participating. Learn more here.

There are several products on the market today that are nearly identical to Hyalgan such as Supartz, Hymovis, Durolane, Synvisc, Synvisc One, Euflexxa among others. These all share similar results.

ViscosupplementationIn my office, we perform hyaluronic acid injections, in many cases, using ultrasound guidance. A more advanced and modern option over fluoroscopy, ultrasound allows us to not only see the bone but also the soft tissues around the knee to be 100% confident the injection is placed accurately. I have given over 30,000 of these injections and feel confident in our technique.

For those whom the injections are not successful, we can always talk about more options. I do not limit my practice to just these injections, but rather treat patients with knee conditions and injuries from childhood to adulthood and beyond!


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