When I see a patient in my office, I try to sit in their shoes – what did it take for them to be here today?  I know it wasn’t an easy decision.  Patients are often worried about what will be discussed and what will be decided in the office.  Am I wasting my time?  Will you need a surgery?  Will you have to stop doing what you love?  Let’s discuss the truth about these questions:

Will I need an operation ?

The decision for surgery is not one to make lightly.  The first option for treatment is rarely surgery.  Despite what most people may think, nonoperative treatment is almost always the first choice.  For most orthopedic problems, there are frequently a number of treatments that are low risk, are not invasive, and may help a great deal.  I like to help you make your decision that is best for you.  If it is time for surgery, we will make that decision together.

Will I need to stop doing what I love ?

Often times, activities can result in making your complaints worse.  While some doctors will encourage you to stop doing them, my approach is different:  How can we keep you going doing what you love?  While it may come as a price, let’s try to keep you doing everything you want. If it is important to you, we will do everything possible to keep you moving.
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Am I wasting my time ?

You are never wasting the time of an orthopedic surgeon.  It is our job to listen to your concerns and determine if we can help you.  Treatments are always evolving.  There may simple solutions that will change your life.  Let’s see if we can help.