Setting and achieving goals were discussed in the last fitness post with the idea of staying SMART in your plan.  In this chapter, there are two final key points to consider.

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Do it every day

Making a fitness plan a part of your daily routine will go far to help you make it habit and reach your goal.  Pick a time of day that you can reliably use each day without excuses or reasons to do something else.  In a busy family, this may be early in the morning, during lunch at work, or in the evening when the kids are in bed.  Saying you’ll get to it later usually means it won’t happen that day…or the next.

Write it down

Write it downTrack your progress in written form and see the improvement.  This is especially useful with a weight training program.  It is so encouraging to see that three weeks ago you could lift 20 pounds, and now you can lift 30.  Make it quantitative and watch the quantity improve !

Reward yourself

Come up with something to reward yourself with one you’ve reached your goal.  Be creative, but be sure it’s something that will add to your satisfaction of achieving greatness!  You can do it !
If you have your own thoughts or contributions to goal setting and personal fitness, I look forward to hearing from you !