Risk of anti-inflammatories

ibuprofenThe FDA recently updated it’s concern the risk of heart attack and stroke for anti-inflammatory medications. You can FDA label update for anti-inflammatories. This includes several medications including ibuprofen, advil, motrin, voltaren. This risk is not just for the long-time user and can occur within the first few weeks of using the medication. These medicines are most typically used for pain and swelling.

Changes in labeling

The FDA is requiring the labels on these anti-inflammatories be updated to include this risk. While this risk is present for all users, it is higher for those who have recently suffered a heart attack.
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This change in anti-inflammatory labeling reminds us that there is risk with all medications, including those purchased over-the-counter. We are reminded by the FDA to always read the labels of any medication. These medications are only to be used as needed or directed by your doctor. If you have risk factors such as a cardiac condition, talk to your doctor or cardiologist about it first.