Robotic Joint Replacement

Robotic SurgeryRobotic joint replacement surgery is a new approach to the traditional replacement surgery that used computer controlled robotic technology to help the surgeon perform both knee and hip replacement surgery.

Using the robotic system, also known as the Mako Robotic Joint Replacement System, I can completely customize the surgical procedure and remove damaged bone and cartilage based on a three dimensional model created of YOUR specific anatomy and plan most of the surgery before you get to the operating room. To do this, a personalized robotic plan is created from a scan of your knee or hip that is done a week or two before the surgery. Sizes of implants are determined ahead of time, as is their precise location on the bone. With the robotic joint replacement system, this precise placement is then fine-tuned in the operating room in real time for the best result possible. There are many geometric relationships that need to balance out just right for a joint to last as long as possible and work correctly and painlessly. The robotic system ensures this for each patient personally.

The first system to actually help control the performance of the surgery, the Mako robotic system guides my hand in making the bone cuts by directly controlling the cutting device. It is not possible to go outside the plan created within the computerized system, helping to decrease surgical risk and improve accuracy.

Dr. Hacker has performed robotic joint replacement in San Diego, California since 2014.

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