These are products that have helped some of my patients or myself recover from sports or exercise related injuries. Talk to your doctor about whether these products are right for you.

I have received a huge number of questions over the years asking about products for injury, post op recovery, health, performance and more. To help I’ve created this ‘shop’ of these products. While this information and these products are not intended to treat any specific injury or illness, I have used many of these personally and have recommended them to patients and friends alike.

Remember, such information is not intended to convey medical advice and does not constitute practicing medicine. You should not rely on this as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. This site is not responsible for any actions or inactions on a user’s parts based on the information presented in this site.

Shoulder Pulley

Most of our shoulder patients use these

Yoga Strap

Yoga strap.  Very helpful with knee rehab.  You will find these in our own PT office

Loop Resistance Bands

Simple elastic bands for strengthening

Desk Cycle

Super helpful for our total knee patients and knee rehab patients

Post Op Recovery

The classic ACE wrap. Useful to limit swelling and hold ice packs in place

Foldable Ice Pack

This gel pack conforms to any body part.  Put this under an ACE wrap.  Be careful not to freeze your skin!  There are many options on amazon.

Polar Ice Machine

Easy to use with ice from your freezer, this circulates cold water over for hours.  Patients love these.  Perfect after an ACL or total knee surgery.


Used by physical therapists, this is an easy way to apply ice to a particular area


Traditional TENS unit to reduce pain.  Our PTs upstairs use this one.


The classic crutch – easily adjustable to your height

Spring Crutches

These crutches are often easier to use.

Small ACE

Small ACE wrap

Post Op Knee Brace

A classic hinged brace to protect ligament and tendon repairs

Shower Wound Cover

Keep your wound dry while you shower !

ACL Knee Brace

Post ACL or other ligament surgery brace

Knee Strap

Knee strap for jumper’s knee


A knee scooter.  Perfect for foot, ankle and calf injuries.  


CryoCuff pad for shoulders.  You need to cryocuff as well


CryoCuff gravity fed cooler iself


Classic KT Tape.  So many rehab uses.  I use this myself.

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