Surgery has become easier and recovery is quicker than ever before. Nearly 65% of all operations do not require an overnight hospital stay, as opposed to 60% in 1980. While hospital stays have decreased, the rate of which are body heels has not changed, healing at his own pace. This means that more rehabilitation happens at home, likely at year-old pace. Techniques certainly, long ways to make all this much easier than ever before. Most of my patients go home in 2 days after joint replacement and all ACL surgeries go home right after the surgery. Listed below are a few tips that can make the difference between a good recovery and a GREAT recovery!

Before the surgery:
Perform the recommended stretching and strengthening exercises. Review and understand your procedure. Learn as much as you can. Prepare. Asked questions.

In the Hospital:
Take deep breaths, get out of bed, stay motivated.

First week after surgery:
Watch for signs of infection. Keep your legs elevated. Get up as much as you can and move around. Work on knee range of motion and strength all day – 20x a day, not just twice. Skipping exercises will leave you stiff and painful.

Physical Therapy:
Focus on your range of motion and strengthening. Use a stationery bike. Get the most out of each session. Play attention. Learn all you can. Push yourself.

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Home exercises after therapy is finished:
Start increasing your workout level. Consider swimming. Maintain your weight. Write down what you can do and track your progress.

Unlimited activities, painfree motion and life !!

Scott Hacker is a San Diego Orthopedic Surgeon and Sports Medicine Specialist in private practice. Please let me know if I can answer your questions.

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Source: WSJ: Personal Journal 10/26/10