Jogging, or running, is a great form of exercise to help you get in shape, lose weight, and improve your overall conditioning. You only need a good pair of shoes!

So simple, yet there are a few tips to get you started that will help avoid getting hurt.

Think about your goals. I’ve written about this earlier this year.

Reaching your fitness goals
Set your SMART fitness goals

Start joggingBe reasonable. Start with a short run – maybe a half mile or mile, depending on your conditioning when you start. Don’t add milage too quickly. The 10% rule allows your body to slowly get used to jogging. For example, if you jog a mile a day three days a week (3 miles), only add 10% more the next week for a total of about 3.5 miles the next week. This lets your body adjust to its new demands.
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Stretch. Be sure you spend a few minutes before and after working on your flexibility.

Lose a few pounds first. If you are overweight trying to run or jog may cause a lot of stress on your joints and lead quickly to injury. Try to reduce your calories and lose a little before you get started.

Check your shoes. Not all running shoes are created equally. Go to a running store where the salesperson can watch you walk or run and make good recommendations for the best shoe for you. This may not be as important if you are 19 years old, but for the 45 year old, this is key to avoid injury.

See your doctor – aches and pains may be nothing, and a day or two of rest may help, but for pain that doesn’t quickly go away, you should be seen. You don’t want to make a problem worse, miss a stress fracture, or cause joint damage.