Frequently asked questions for osteoarthritis stem cell therapy

Questions, and their answers are updated and posted frequently.  If you see an unanswered question, please Ask Dr. Hacker for more information !

[toggle title=”What is a stem cell ?” open=”no”]A stem cell is a basic cell from which other cells are made. Embryonic stem cells, which we do not use, can become anything – hair, skin, bone . . . anything to build an entire person. A person’s own stem cells that we use have the ability to become one of a few tissues: cartilage, ligaments, tendons and bone. It is these cell from your own body that we obtain and use to treat joint problems[/toggle]
[toggle title=”How long does it take to feel better ?” open=”no”]With stem cell treatments, the goal is to regenerate tissues in the knee. This takes time to happen. There can be a wide range of time to see benefit from the injection. Most patients will see improvement between a few weeks to several months later.[/toggle]
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[toggle title=”How long does a stem cell treatment take ?” open=”no”]Stem cell treatment for osteoarthritis takes a few hours of time. The stem cell harvest takes about 15 minutes, the cells are prepared to inject and the injection, done under ultrasound guidance, takes just a few minutes to do.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Am I a good candidate for stem cell treatment ?” open=”no”]Each potential patient undergoes a complete medical history and thorough examination. Imaging studies are reviewed and a determination is made as to the potential success of a stem cell treatment. It is our goal to be sure treatments are appropriate and as safe and effective as possible. [/toggle]
[toggle title=”Is there proof that stem cell treatment will work ?” open=”no”]The use of stem cells is still in its infancy. Treatments are considered experimental as there is not yet concrete proof that such treatments will work. While there is hope that these treatments will be proven effective, there is not yet any proof of success. [/toggle]