Telemedicine Visits Available !

Our world continues to adjust to the rise and fall of the pandemic.  Our office is on high alert to ensure the highest of sanitization standards.  The care my office provides has adapted, and continues to adapt each day to our ever changing world.  As providers of care, many in my office have been fully vaccinated.  We are currently performing surgery and we can talk about the changes to help ensure your safety.

For nearly all of my patients – both current and new, I encourage you to keep up the ’social distancing’ that is essential to help our country recover from covid-19.  For patients I see in the office, we are ‘keeping our distance’ and are performing limited hands-on examinations unless essential for both you and me.  Family members are now allowed in examination rooms.  Masks are REQUIRED at all times. A telemedicine visit is an option to consider.

We are currently using   You will need either a smartphone or a computer/laptop that has a camera and a microphone.  Open your browser (chrome, safari, Firefox, etc) and go to:

There is no app to download.  Enable the site to use your camera and microphone (if needed).  This will put you into a ‘waiting room’. Relax.  Sip your coffee.  If I’m not right there, its because I’m with another patient and will be there soon.  I’d rather wait at home in my living room than in my office too !

On a virtual appointment, you can do many things we routinely do in the office.  This includes:

  • Talk to me in person
  • Discuss your concerns
  • Review x-rays and MRIs  – if we have access
  • Talk about treatments
  • Get a script for physical therapy
  • Get set up for an MRI scan
  • Arrange you to come in for injections or x-rays
  • Get yourself in the queue for surgery if that’s right for you

To keep you and healthcare workers as safe as possible, all patients are screened by nasal swab and PCR test for Covid-19 before any surgical procedures. Ask any questions you may have by either calling the office, or asking. a question on my site.