As a professional athlete my body became my life. You look after your body and mind, your nutrition, you are comfortable with sacrifice to your day to day life, the hours of training, the rest necessary to perform at your peak.
Inevitably there will be an injury, whether it be from a training or racing mishap, or related to the stress you are putting your body under.
Injury is a component of the life of an athlete. A component that athletes, unfortunately, have to become accustomed to.
Getting back to your best is what every athlete wants.  Not just in the moment, but for the future, long after the athletic career has ended.
When I broke my tibia and fibula it was a very humbling experience.  One of the legs, that had helped me achieve all my childhood dreams, to become a professional cyclist, had been compromised.
Without the help of Dr. Scott Hacker, I am not sure I would have been able to rebound from such an injury, and return to sports so quickly.  I was riding again 4 months after surgery, and I have regained full range of movement and have been mostly unaffected by the injury and the trauma to the leg.
Without the experience and Dr. Hacker’s ability to return me to my sport, the outcome could have been very different.  Dr. Hacker helped me to move forward and enjoy all my athletic endeavors post op and I would, and have, recommended him to my friends.
If you have been injured, enjoy an athletic lifestyle and want to return to your former level, Dr. Scott Hacker is one of the best.

Cody S.