Dr Hacker just recently completed a second procedure on me – this time a knee arthroscopy. Dr Scott Hacker is a superb clinician, which goes without saying, but what actually makes him a good doctor – is a combination of skill sets that he brings to the treatment of his patients. Remembering that the term “doctor” means teacher – he tries to educate, explain, provide understanding & assurance, which combined with his extraordinary friendly disposition, allows his patients to trust him personally; and to accept his recommendations for care. He is unusual from many surgical Specialists, in that Dr Hacker is willing to put himself in the position of the patient, and express what he would do or want by way if surgery – if he were in the place of the patient. This is vital, in my opinion, for making the best treatment decisions.
I have been a healthcare administrator for over 45 years, and literally know, & have worked with, hundreds of physicians, with the vast preponderance being surgeons. In my opinion, Dr Scott Hacker is among the very best. Personally, I will see no other Orthopaedic Specialist.

Robert B.