During my 20+ years of government service I had managed to blow out both my Anterior Cruciate Ligaments (ACL’s) on each knee on two separate occations.  Both had been repaired, however they were never the same.  Fast forward to several years, not ever slowing down, I was dianosed with arthritis and knee pain became a part of my life.  Some days worst than others.  After years of living with the pain I had finally got fed up and I talked with my doctor who then referred me to Dr. Scott Hacker.  After a brief discussion with Dr. Hacker, we agreed on a plan which began with left knee Arthroscopie and partial medial mensectomy debridment.  Hours, not days, after the procedure I could tell the deep pain I had been feeling was gone!  I wasn’t sure if it was the local or pain medication yet, but it felt different.  One week after the procedure I had gone to my second physical therapy visit and I had stopped taking any medication.  The pain that I had on my left knee was gone!  From beginning to the end of this procedure Dr. Hacker and his awesome staff had made me feel comfortable and confident that I was going to be taken care of.  I’m looking forward to the next phase (right knee) getting repaired and I highly recommend anyone needing a similar procedure to consider Dr. Hacker and his staff as you move forward towards your recovery.

Vincent J. H., SBPA

SDC/Special Operations Detachment/BORSTAR

Vince H Testimonial
Vincent H.